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Our New Feedback and Enquiries Page


It seems that there has been some interference with our website. For some reason the normal feedback procedure which had worked well for the first three years was 'spiked' some time over the past year or so. This has resulted in people wanting to contact us being given the impression that their emails had been sent - but nothing was being received at our end.

The mailservers have been checked, all passwords have now been changed, and a number of emails with attachments containing 'executable programs', which are basically viruses, and a few 'key-stroke monitors' have now been deleted. Ironically, these types of computer programs are called 'spy-ware' - and maybe that's appropriate, but it does beg the question:

Who would want to prevent an ordinary family finding out
what happened to one of their relatives during WWII?

We could speculate for ever on that issue, but there has already been too much speculation regarding 'Operation Mincemeat', and especially the part played by Glyndwr Michael.

We have already amassed a wealth of new material that will form the basis of a forthcoming television programme documenting our search for the truth behind the untimely disappearance and subsequent death of Glyndwr Michael in the London area during the period 1942 to 1943.

There have also been many attempts since we began that search in early 2004 to place obstacles in our way. But the Michael family investigation continues, and it continues undeterred by the various false leads that have been fed to us - some anonymously, some by genuine members of the media, and some from people claiming to work for the media ...

There was even one attempt in 2006 to steal some DNA from a Michael family member. We can only presume that this was attempted in the hope that it could have been compared to the DNA of the body which has laid in a grave in the southern Spanish town of Huelva since 1943 ... ?

Curiouser and Curiouser ...

Please use the email address below to send us any information you might feel would be useful to our efforts to discover the truth about Operation Mincemeat, Major William Martin, Lt. Commander Ewen E. S. Montagu,
Charles Cholmondeley of MI5, and the subsequent character assassination of Glyndwr Michael following
the misappropriation of his body, and the fictional account of these matters protrayed in the 1956 film

"The Man Who Never Was"

Any information will be gratefully received and fully acknowledged online if requested


Please send any information and/or enquiries to:

enquiries @

(please be advised that the Michael family are not in the business of intelligence agency-bashing
and would not welcome any further communications from those who are)


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